The Shop

Spice jars on wooden shelf on a brick wallFounded in 2014 by Vincent Arguimbau, a retired Specialty Food Import executive, with the intention of offering selected products based on his native Mediterranean sensibilities.

Perfection is best described by the Virginia Madsen character in the movie “Sideways” regarding the Pinot Noir grape as one that is difficult to cultivate and easily damaged by extreme weather, but if successfully harvested the wine produced is well worth the effort.

Unfortunately the professional grocer makes decisions about products primarily based on price. The difficult to prepare is usually not offered so our mission is to let you, not your grocer, decide. We offer at a fair price and mostly in case quantities for home and restaurant use the difficult to find special foods that are well worth the effort.

Our philosophy
Rare, Old-World foods, imported from Europe and delivered straight to your door. What’s not to love?
Goals & values
  1. Always be discovering new, amazing foods.

  2. Import and sell only the highest quality foods.

  3. Listen to our customers and cater to their tastes.

  4. Offer great food products at great prices.

  5. Make customer satisfaction a priority, always.